Monday, September 24, 2007

Make it happen.

Alright, so I've started to define boundaries on my time expending. Weekends will be the only time I get to tinker with my nerf guns. Weekdays will be filled with the usual homework and school reads as well as to help whittle down my massive reading list. I think I'm going to start defining days where I can just paint for awhile. A half an hour to an hour a night would be pretty good but maybe 2-3 times a week would be good as well. My blog has had a massive Art drought lately so I better get some stuff up real soon. Until then, sate your appetite for good work with my friend Pauly Wally or Niall in my friends link section. You won't be disappointed. I picked my bible up again finally. Continuing where I left off! Mondays= Heroes night = computer neglect. 'nough said.
Heroes was good tonight. I don't feel like explaining for all of you losers who aren't "in". everybody else will know what I am talking about. If you don't then do something about it! Today marks the massive email volleying that will occur in regards to Heroes discussion. School's pretty crazy now. I'm going to make myself a dry erase calendar on my mirror to remind me of all these assignments and projects. On another note, did anyone else get that weird car commercial that played three freaking times in a row during Heroes?? Made me want to take a pipe to the shins of the person responsible for that. Make it happen.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Time, I can never have enough of it. I always feel like I don't have time to do the things I want to. This has been a frustrating thing for me the last couple of weeks. I've often found myself cutting the essentials out of my schedule so that I can do something fun or just plain relax. Like I said before,it's frustrating. I've neglected my bible for quite some time now and have used that time to do these stupid things on the computer like aim and myspace and facebook (I'm seriously considering deleting that stupid thing due to the massive application whoring that occurs; You know who you are!) In any case, It's made me vulnerable and It's just a problem I don't want to have anymore.
Right now I've decided to begin the painstaking process of cutting these useless things out of my life which means either neglecting, or completely removing these distractions. With some of the stuff it won't be too hard seeing since nobody really comments my myspace anymore and facebook is something I didn't want to begin with. So heres to introducing some discipline and control into my life. Wish me luck.

I don't want to start a new post so I'll just change the subject and do some more ranting. So down here on campus they are having some vintage rock and roll block party celebrating their 50th anniversary or something like that. It's pretty cool since they've got all of this stuff set up right in front of the student union. I was surprised to find the Knott's Scary farm hearse parked right out front and being guarded by a pair of monster. Who ever planned that little bit didn't realize that it really clashes with the decor they've got set up. anyways, it's weird. I've got a quiz in intro to Archaeology today so I've got to study the terms real quick. Nothing new to report really besides that. It's weird not hanging out with anyone at school.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wow, just wow.

I had the misfortune of sitting down to watch snakes on a plane today with my dad. It was a bad decision to say the least. I figured since I don't spend too much time with him, a movie I heard was terrible would be a great way to bond. This movie, probably more then any other that I have seen, (I could be wrong though, but I really really doubt it) made me just think "wow" I don't mean wow as in "wow, that was spectacular" or "wow, that was dumb" It was a "wow" that was off the "wow scale". It was a "wow........that's all I can"

I'm going to spoil some parts of the movie but who really gives anyway? So, this couple on the plane are getting their freak on in the bathroom. (yes, I said getting their freak on. ) and a snake falls out of a hole in the ceiling because they thought it was smart to pry out the smoke alarm and do some drugs while getting their freak on. Bad Idea. So the freaking snake falls down and starts attacking them. The guy is bitten in multiple places, big freaking whoop. Here's where the director or whoever was responsible for this terrible movie got a bit over-zealous with his position. He must've thought: "gee, since the girl already has her shirt off, wouldn't it be something if the snake bit her...." You can deduce where the snake bit her (if you can't then you shouldn't be reading my blog) Wow. Just wow.

I'm afraid it gets worse. Since they had a bad scene involving a girl, they thought they'd even it out so that they wouldn't appear sexist in some sort of demented snake biting way. So this one dude is standing around, using the bathroom while a snake is in the toilet. You can assume it doesn't go well for him. (again, if you have no idea what happened to him then you need to leave) . Wow. Just wow.

What the heck were they thinking? "Oh, I figured it'd be good entertainment" I think people are pushing the boundaries a little too far. I can just rant for hours on what crap I've seen on TV that I think shouldn't be on TV. Nobody would care because it's TV! I guess they assume people enjoy that kind of crap and find it humorous and/or entertaining/riveting. I'd like to know who they've been asking so that I can personally knock some sense into them. I think a crow bar would be good enough.