Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eat your heart out (Edited to the max)

I went to see Relient K and Switchfoot Tuesday night. I'll let the pictures do the talking. They are in no specific order except that Relient K did play first.

In other news, I was really bored in math class so I drew up a couple of designs for my next line (yes, more than one) of Wii sights. i'll be kicking off a 5 some-odd part design blog series to get my creation blog juices flowing. To you techno savy people (I'm looking at you Kevin and Nathan) I will be needing some constant input. I'll explain it on my next post. Get ready for a Blog Extravaganza!

So I got out of Archaeology class and I was walking to my car. Nothing spectacular really. The sun was going down and I was just toning everything out like I usually do because I just wanted to get home. I was just minding my own business when I see this guy lock his eyes on me and start walking towards me.

I thought "Oh great, he wants to talk to me about something, or give me something or whatever." I keep moving and he keeps coming with this big Ol' smile on his face now coming from my left. I finally stop and turn because I realized I would be a big jerk if I just walked right by that dude. I'm seriously glad I stopped.

I pull my headphones out just to see what he wants. I was admittedly a little irritated. He's still got the big smile on his face, but I realize he has some kind of disability so I was preparing myself for some sob story and for him to ask for a donation.

"What's up man" He says to me. I say hi to him and give him a nod. "Hey, I saw your shirt. It's pretty cool." I was wearing my "In God I trust" jacket. I say thanks because I always appreciate when people compliment me on the stuff that I wear like that. "You're a christian too? that's cool" I tell him ya again. He asks me where I go to church and stuff. He tells me he is a christian too and where he goes. He was clearly excited. So he says "Hey man, It's nice to meet you." He shakes my hand but then reverses his grip kind of like we were buddies already. "Keep up the good work man." He tells me as he pulls me in for a big hug and then walks off.

That's one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. This guy, this complete stranger who I have never seen before, comes up and talks to me like we knew each other. Not only that, he hugged me like I was one of his good friends. He does all of that and tells me to keep up the good work without even knowing who I was, or how I act, or what I do. That moved me. That's how we should be acting towards each other. I really saw God in him. Paul told some of the early church members to greet each other with a Holy kiss. I think that this is kind of what he was talking about.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I am the Match

That lit the Valley nerf fire. Apparently, The Valley assassin game is going to be mentioned in the Valley news paper. I guess that means it's a big thing. I was going to post something deep too, but I am watching heroes at the same time and the epicness leading into next week's episode is too great. All I can say is I CALLED IT. We'll discuss this more in the comment section. Please direct the giddiness to the link at the bottom of the page. thank you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taking back what is mine

So, I was strolling through Borders bookstore the other day (one of my favorite places in the world) when I spied something that instantly depressed me to no bounds. It was Searching for God knows what by Donald (Jesus) Miller. I miss that book so very much. For those of you who don't know the tragic story surrounding my copy, I let Mike Dunbar borrow it at some Burn at the beach. I haven't seen it since. The worst part about it is that I never finished the book. How many years ago was that!? I remember reminding him a couple of times. One time, he told me he had bought his own copy. I have his aim screen name but I've only ever talked to him once. He hasn't answered my messages for the longest time now.

Enough is enough. I miss that book way too much to let it go. Not to mention it had a book mark in it that was of sentimental value. It's time to throw down.
Conversation with Boxsocialbonanza
I want my book back
Rurouni011: It's been far too long. I miss Donald Miller.
Rurouni011: Do you even know who you're in debt to? I'm certain we'll be seeing each other very soon.

It's on. While I'm at it, does anyone know where Mike Dunbar lives/attends school? As you can see, a personal visit is in order. In related news, I never celebrated my 50th blog post. *confetti*. It's my 53rd now though. better late then never though right?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I think I can do one better. Somebody get me one of these, or better yet steal it and record yourself yelling "Madness!....I mean ..Stealing!? THIS IS SPARTA! " then kick a person into a randomly placed bottomless pit. That'd make my year.

In other news, I have managed to spread the Nerf assassin game to Valley. Muwahaha. Last time I checked they have 7 confirmed to play their own variant of the assassin game with more to come. Yours truly will be regulating the game (they don't see me everyday so they can't yell at me if something happens. HAW!) Heres to spreading a fire and possibly ticking off teachers. Hooray.

On a related topic, Guy's nerf night this saturday from 6-12. Prepare for the most brutal foam related ownage you will ever witness. Should be a good ol' time. nerf night at church sounds like a crazy idea too, but I have something to say to that...