Monday, December 3, 2007

Post Extravaganza: Part I

Alright folks, this is how it's going to go down. Today is the start of my 5 part blog post extravaganza. I've had these Wii sight designs floating around and with my winter recess starting next week, I've decided to shoot my designs past you guys. I'd like you guys to critique some of these designs with me outlining some of the advantages and disadvantages.

I'm ultimately trying to weed out the bad designs and focus on the ones that are worth working on. Now I normally frown upon commenting on old blogposts but this week I'll make the exception since they are all going to be tied into each other. At the end of the week I'll be taking all of the designs and comparing their strengths and weaknesses. Alright, here goes.

Without further ado

Wii Sight Mk II

This is a simple one to start off with. I came up with design right after the Mk I didn't work out. (If you want to check it out, then search my earlier posts)

This is basically a lens marked with a reticle that swivels back and forth. It's attached to a wii skin so that it can be removed. The Lens swivels so that it can be adjusted to the reticle on the screen. My only problem with this design is that I may not be able to sight it in correctly.


Milky said...

-May not be able to sight it in correctly.
-If sighted in you might not be able to keep it that way so you would have to adjust it every time you play
-It's stability. Those free Wii skins aren't very attachment friendly.


Cory said...

true that. I was thinking of some how making it so that the lens would lock in place. how I would do that is beyond me as of this moment. as for the skin, I already have one lined up that seems to be a little more attachment friendly.