Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chapter 1 has just begun

Started chapter 1 today! it is looking good! I'm shooting for around 10 or more chapters before I end it. I'm hoping it won't take too long. Well I am sick right now, with a terrible cough, yesterday I stayed home and just sat around and slept b/c I swore off t.v. I'm almost done with Teeth of the Tiger though. I have to say I am pleased with Tom Clancy right now. This book has turned out really well so far. 20 or more pages to go and I am done with that and on to Stephen King's Cell.
I realized that I kind of put my 24 painting off to the side. Maybe I should finish that up to take my mind off of actually watching 24 on t.v. (aye pobrecito) I've been working on the book of Job in my bible though, that is looking to be one of my favorite books too.
Getting sick is terrible, and having to make up all the work is a pain, especially if your teachers are slave drivers.
Tamminga, you got some 'splaining to do tomorrow, b/c I didn't have a clue what to do with that review sheet. oh well

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

shooting down book 2 and onto book 3.......stability please!

I finished book 2 yesterday. (woohoo). Planning on starting, maybe finishing chapter 1 of book 3. To all of you guys who are eager to read my lame stuff (Nathan and Jillian) You won't have to wait too much longer. I'm almost done with the Tom Clancy book I was reading and then I'm on to that interesting Stephen King book.
Well some intense things have come up and they have really unsettled me something fierce. A bit of prayer would be appreciated. I'm hoping my life will become a little more stable because this year has had so many ups and downs that I'm about to lose my mind. I know God has been with me the whole time and has broken the clouds with sunshine, but I am just surprised how one thing can turn a positively awesome day into a positively nerve wracking day! Well it won't kill me, and I know it will be alright in the end, I'd just appreciate some stability greatly. Ash Wednesday today, so no T.V.! I'm off to working on LOH and then studying my bible and quiet time. =)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

God > 24

So, Lent is around the corner, and I was thinking of what I was going to give up this year. I know I'm not catholic, but I think it is important to give up something just to show some appreciation to God. I'm not saying "This is the way you should do it" I'm just saying this is one of the ways I am going to do it.
So, I was thinking about what I gave up last year, which was soda and video games, and I realized that I steered clear of giving up something. Last year, 24 season 5 was going on, which was is one of my favorite seasons by the way, so I told myself "Well I'll give up all of T.V. too, except for 24; just off the record." Thinking about that in class, I knew what I should give up this year. I guess I just want to express that a stupid show (ouch, I'm going to get some flak for that) is not more important to me than my relationship with God.
So it is no T.V. for me, which includes 24 and heroes, So I won't be able to talk 24 or heroes with anyone any more. regrettably, doing this will put me way behind, But it is Sooo worth it. So, I'm hoping I can do this. It will be really really hard, So I'm hoping you guys will help me stick to my guns on this one.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


So, today in church, I was kind of inspired. Niall threw out a good idea of starting a bible study on my blog, and I think I may do that, even though I don't know how to go about doing it. So I think I am just going to pick a book I want to work on, and take it chapter by chapter and just post my thoughts about it on here and maybe get some discussion going on. I think it would be cool. Any suggestions guys??
In other news, I'm still working on chapter 10, and I don't think I will finish it anytime soon. I 've kind of had an inspiration dry spell lately, but I think I'm definetly going to make some ground on it. I'm looking forward to finishing it and moving on to my next book. I'm hoping you guys would pray for me to get it together and finish it up.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

24 and things going on

Well last nights episode was jam-packed with intenseness (yes, I said intenseness) Jack got to bust out his pump shotty and blast a few terrorists during an apartment breach. Fayed got away again, leaving Jack to defuse a suit-case nuke. Morris cracked, like expected. I don't really blame him though. I'd like to say I would have struggled so that they could kill me straight, but being faced with torture by a power drill would most likely make me crack. Fayed has a new device to activate the rest of the nukes. Jack's dad is definetly a bad guys, just as I thought. And what is up with grodenko?? Did they say something about a missile? are they going to add the rest of the suit case nukes to some missile platform and launch it at something?? discussion discussion discussion!

Well I worked on my Jack bauer painting for awhile, I messed around with the flames (I don't think they turned out quite the way I wanted them) added some blue lining to the 24 digits so they stand out, and added some more blue above the flames to the left of jack's face. When I work on it a little more, I'll slap up a new picture of it.

Monday, February 5, 2007

I must just be good at predictions

WARNING: 24 and Heroes spoilers

So I've been on a pretty good roll tonight. so far, my predictions for both shows did come true. Jack's dad was involved farther then jack assumed. It was clear as soon as he shot the guard and killed him. (pretty sweet scene by the way. ) His dad killed graham. (shocker right there) but I think we could all guess that Jack wasn't going to be able to have the satisfaction of killing him. from the previews, we could guess that Morris is going to crack. I think Jack may have to defuse the suit case nuke, but we'll see.
Heroes was really good. I had a full on action night. I knew sylar wasn't going to kill bennoit (at least not yet.) and that they would get into a fight. ( gun fight was close enough) My crazy prediction was claire's real dad being Nathan petrelli. I'm glad I hit that one right on button. It was a really exciting night. I am wondering how Hiro is going to get that sword now. I'm also wondering now, that if peter can recall the persons effect on him and use their powers, Will he be able to use all of sylar's powers?? Another good question I think is, what would happen if he was next to nikki?? would he develop this weird split personality named after one of his dead siblings?? Jessica tazed that lady sick. I'm starting to wonder if that bald pudgy Lacky of Linderman's has powers or not. We'll just have to wait and see.