Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post Extravaganza: Part III

Again, feel free to refer to the last couple of posts and comment on them as you please.

Wii Sight Mk IV
This design is a step in a completely different direction in comparison to the other designs that I've already posted. This design is basically the combination of the remote and nunchuk being disassembled and placed in what I think would be the best shooter related button combination.

I think the sketch is self explanatory. It just involves possibly lengthening wires and alot of Pvc shaping and cutting and theory. I haven't taken apart a wii remote and nunchuk so I don't have a good idea of how they tick. It's a concept though so I thought I'd put it up. Obviously, if it worked it would have a ton of advantages seeing since the button placement would be up to me and can be used to maximize shooter game play.


Milky said...

I would not advise against this. How it is without any Wiimote stock would be better than possibly damaging the Wiimote in my opinion.

Cory said...

I couldn't really understand what you were saying right there. Well you can always buy another remote. At least I would have a better understanding of how one works and possibly even be able to build what I had planned to optimize shooting game play

Milky said...

Wow. I don't know what I was typing last night. I meant to say that I advise against taking apart a Wii mote. And a wii mote without the attachment is better than a broken Wii mote.

Trento said...

I'm impressed Cory.

Cory said...

thanks trent. I take my shooting games very seriously.

nathan118 said...

This is all too hardcore for me. Maybe i'm not a big shooter fan.

The drawings are impressive. The construction sounds like a lot of work though. Good luck to you. :)