Monday, October 10, 2011

Nerd project Pt. 2: The scabbard, the shield, the sword, and the Mask!?

So I've been hard at work on my Halloween project....well the props. I haven't done any work on the props for my truck or even the costume itself. Just the props I'll have on me. In any case, I've been productive!

I did some more work on the scabbard. Forgot to take pictures of the details I put in with cardboard, but I did take pictures of the next step! I decided to paper mache the whole thing to get rid of those pesky ridges in the cardboard. I think I succeeded. The problem is, since it's not painted, it's hard to see all the details.

I might lightly sand over it with some really fine sand paper, but other than the loops for the belt, it's done till I paint it.

I started work on the Hylian shield. It's pretty much the most iconic shield that Link carries. It has some variations, but the scheme is usually the same. Blue, silver, red and yellow. It's got the triforce and the crest of the royal family (the eagle.)

I've replicated my own personal version of this shield before though. It's currently in the possession of our resident Eagle scout. (I don't have pictures.) I don't intend to replicate that design because I don't have the time to make cut some polycarbonate pieces for it by hand. If I had some serious equipment in my garage then it'd be a different story. But basically, I took a nerf shield and used a base coat of blue first. Pretty much the same deal as before.

I didn't want to cut into the foam in the center of a shield, which was how I solved the problem with the triforce and the eagle. I left a triangle of foam at the bottom to act as the eagle's head and transformed the two outer edges of the shield into the wings. I liked how it turned out. I think I'm going to make the eagle smaller this time around. I can't do the same thing every time, right?

As for the sword, I didn't really do much to it besides put some more coats on it with a new shade of blue, and add a darker blue details in the handle. Added some more yellow to it too!

Then we've got the mask. Mask? What Mask? Majora's Mask!

So this isn't for me, it's for a student of mine who volunteered to dress up as a character in the Zelda universe. He better help me pass out candy...
So I started out with some plates. I need to get a heart shape.



Add some paper mache and you've got a heart shape!

Most masks I've seen on the internet just make the mask flat. They don't make the eyes bulge. I didn't want to do that. Here's where I left off. No horns and no paint yet.

So I've made pretty good progress. Next up is the costume itself. I'm hoping to start on that and start painting some of this stuff this week. Here's hoping I get something done.