Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin carving (Edited)

So I decided to post the first two in a series of four different pumpkin carvings that I am doing this year. These two are Heroes related and were the only ones I could get done tonight because I'm pretty tired. So far, It's just the symbol and the eclipse. I tried my hand at pumpkin scraping for the first time on the eclipse so I need to do some fine tuning. What you see in the eclipse is not actually cut out. I'm sure you guys understand. EDIT:
So, I did end up carving another pumpkin but it didn't come out too well due to some complications so this is it...where real pumpkins are concerned. I did carve a famous scene from Scarface into a fake one which turned out ok. I'll probably do some touch ups on it next year. In any case, it was a pretty good year of carving.

I'm hoping to get the pictures of last night up soon so that I can put them up as well. Good times all the way.


nathan118 said...

Looks good, and it's all free hand, so even more impressive!

Amy said...

yeah cory! these look awesome!!!

Cory said...

thanks guys. I appreciate it.