Friday, January 26, 2007

It was a

Self explanatory. I tried playing CS Source today and I found out that I am not as good as I used to be. In fact, I am worse. I can't even compete with the noobs anymore. I can't understand why. It's like a ceased to be good at it. oh well, more time for me to read and paint. Speaking of which, I worked on my little project a bit. So today I just basically added some of the flames for that giant cloud of explosion I planned on putting in there. I added a red silohuette of jack up in the topleft. Anyways, I'm gonna add some more detail to the flames and make the 24 stand out a little more so you can see it better. So far so good though. So, I've been getting some flak about my wiisight Idea. Hey, If it will give me something to do, and possibly enhance my game playing experiences in redsteel, then I'm willing to try it.


nathan118 said...

I haven't played source in forever. It's not even installed on my computer anymore! :p I haven't played computer games in forever. Maybe I should just wait five years before playing again, and then I'll be blown away by the graphical leaps.

Painting is looking good, and kudos for updating your blog. You've only been at it a little while, and you're doing better than some people that have been around for a long time.

Milky said...

For sure for you sight! If it works out maybe I'll be a copycat!

Cory said...

thx nathan. I think I am gonna call it quits on internet games for awhile. Focus more on my drawing, painting, and reading. Oh man, the wiisight didn't work! I'm so bummed! plan b! but I'm still posting about the wiisight.