Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, shoot...

What's this???
Proof of purchase baby! I thought what Amy did was awesome, so I followed suit. I think everyone in the blogosphere who owns a copy should have a picture of them with the book. I've got 1 and a half books to read before I get to it but it will be read! Kudos to Nathan for writing a book!

I guess this has become a personal update blog. I really don't like these, but most of my blog posts turn into these. Oi vey. Here's a big update: I have to use crutches to get around now! What happened, do you say? I'll tell you! It was Wednesday. I'm one of those staffers/adult leaders or whatever you want to call them, at the burn. Tradition has us set a game up for the students before service gets started. We just so happened to be playing Soccer: my favoritest sport ever! I wasn't wearing shoes at the time, but when has that ever stopped me!? So, it was going good. The other team had gotten the ball to our side of the field, and being the awesome Italian soccer player that I am, stole the ball, turned around, and maneuvered it to my right. Everything was going good until a rogue student comes screeching in on the ground feet first towards my unprotected foot! That's totally illegal by the way. I made sure I reprimanded him and instructed him in the rules of soccer. He adamantly disagreed, stating: "I was going after the ball!" I limped off the field in disgust.

By the time I got to the fence I knew something was wrong. It caused me a great deal of pain just to make it to the kitchen. By that time I couldn't even stand on it. Realizing I had wrecked my foot, I quickly hopped to the bathroom and threw up. That was not fun. I quickly dialed my mommy and had her pick me up and take me to the E.R. I pretty much hopped around on one foot, laughing like a hysterical idiot as I went. Long story short, I find out I fractured my foot. Not pretty at all. So now I have to crutch around until my foot stops hurting enough for me to walk on it. They gave me 4-6 weeks till it's fully healed. My foot is good enough to walk on right now even without worrying about causing any problems, it just still hurts a lot. So the moral of this story is you damn well better play soccer right or I might just cleat your face off!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday art

This year, our church decided to do something a little different with our Good Friday service. It was a pretty nifty idea actually. They got together a bunch of the artists that float around the church on a regular basis and commissioned them to make 6 different art pieces ranging from Christ in the garden up to his entombment. It turned out really cool in the end. Tom and I were 2 of many who stepped up to get things done this year. Here's what we came up with:We were in charge of doing Christ's trial before the Sanhedrin. It took us a good amount of time to figure out what to put, but this is what we ended up going with. The over all theme of the whole service was supposed to be gloomy. I think we did a good enough job of capturing it. Our piece was second up on the guided tour. They ended up lighting the flame with a red light and spot lighting Jesus, which cast everything around him in shadows which was kind of what we were going for. It turned out quite good. This should provide a good size reference for what we were working with. I believe the canvas was 8x4 ft so it really wasn't anything tiny. Over all, it was a ton of fun. I don't think I've ever painted anything that big before. Good times.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Avoid the grave!

Alright, I don't want to be a dead friend so this is me crawling out of the blogger grave! I was actually making a deeper blog post last night, but I was too worn out from the high school all nighter (doggone kids) to think straight. Right now I'm just lazy.

I go back to school next week! No fun, but there's no getting around it. I had my week of fun and good times, now it's back to prison! Oh well. I'm really looking forward to summer. There are so many projects I have stacked up it's not funny! I've had to put off my really time consuming ones till the summer because of school. My schedule isn't that bad, but I still don't really have time to work on all of it. Curse these crazy hobbies of mine!

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to do a totally nerf related post just because people have been giving me flack about it. I'd like to give you all some insight into how the big boys play with kid's toys. If you would like to be a test subject in regards to darts coming out of a modified gun and into contact with human flesh, please let me know. It's for science.....and so I can inflict pain on you. Like you guys would be able to stop me anyway...