Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Alright so everyone knows, or became painfully aware of valentine's day last week. I remember back in the day when we'd pass out little valentines around the elementary school. It was good times, and also bad times I guess depending on who you ask. I just remember I was a big fan of the Scooby Do valentines. They were the best. Recently, I went in search of some at my local Wallyworld with no success. I did however find a really awesome alternative.
They are surprisingly deep. Take a gander. I'm sure some little Pokemon masters had some girls swooning over these things. I think Dialga (bottom right) is my favorite, but Palkia (to Dialga's left) is a very close second.

It's nowhere near as old school as Scooby Do, but I think it's just as legit.