Sunday, June 27, 2010

Updates from Grand Isle

I came home today to find out my dad was on TV this past week! Channel 9 Baton Rouge did a thing on air quality in the area. They zoomed in on some of the machinery my dad was using and actually got some footage of him at work. I thought that was cool enough to do a blog post on. I could never quite explain what my dad was doing in Louisiana, so now I have a little video to do it for me! So watch it if you want and enjoy. My dad is the big guy wearing the boonie hat. The ads before and after the video are kind of funny/weird/stupid too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup time!

* please ignore the incoherence of this post. I had 3 wisdom teeth removed earlier and I'm still pretty messed up from it.*

So if you guys are down with things going on, you'd know that the most important game of the year is going down these next two months. It isn't baseball, and it sure isn't basketball. It's soccer. The world cup is upon us! I've been waiting for four years since the last one to see my team, the Azzurri, the Italian national team. Today marked the first day the Italians played in the 2010 cup. I have to admit I wasn't too surprised with the results. The defending champs ended up tying 1-1 against Paraguay. Paraguay has won one world cup compared to the Italians four. The Italians are ranked second over all in world cup victories; one less than their big world cup rival, Brazil. The Italians have a rep for starting out pretty bad, but growing stronger as they progress. Considering they have often lost their first matches before going on to winning a cup; I'm not too worried.

I was originally skeptical about the new line up that Coach Lippi decided to put in. My favorite player, Francesco Totti, initially came out of retirement in order to play in this years cup. Totti is recognized as one of the best soccer players around. After the 2006 cup, he decided to retire and continued to play in national games alone. Although it's not completely known why Lippi decided not to allow him as well as some of the other vets play, it is believed it is because he's been out of the lime light for four years now.

Francesco Totti

In any case, the new line up doesn't seem to be too bad. Regardless of the tie score, the Italians started off pretty strong. The Italian players were able to take on the Paraguayans 1 to 2 and kept the pressure on for pretty much most of the game. After Paraguay scored, the Italians came back, changed strategies and tied it up a few minutes into the second half. There are still some vets on the old team though, among them my favorite players such as their Keeper, Gianluigi Buffon who is regarded by many as the best keeper alive. They've also still got my other all time favorite player Andrea Pirlo, though he's been benched due to a calf injury. Probably why we couldn't follow up all of the great plays we made. The Paraguayans played hard though. They deserved the tie, but I don't expect them to get any farther. The Italians are just warming up! In any case, the world cup has been pretty lackluster so far. mostly 1-1 ties and 1-0 victories with one or two 2-0 victories in there so far except for Germanies victory over Australia which was 4-0. They really brought the hurt. I like the Germans. Their game against the Italians in 2006 was pretty much my favorite. They play hard! Along with Italy, I'm rooting for them, the US team, as well as South Africa. I wouldn't mind if the any of those guys took the cup, although I do want the Italians to control the cup for another year.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Range trips!

Dang, what a week! I've been a busy guy this week with two range trips. On Thursday, I took Tom and his neighbor down to the insight indoor shooting range in Artesia. I'd never been there, and I heard they carried the handgun that I was interested in. So, I went down there in hopes of trying that gun out before purchasing it. Sadly, they didn't have the exact model that I wanted, but they had a similar model. I rented an HK P2000 in 9mm to try and see how it handled. We started out with 50 rounds of 9mm as well.

It's very similar to the HK USP compact so I wasn't complaining too much. I liked the way it felt in my hand so I went ahead with it.

I happened to be aiming at the center of center mass, so my shots hit a little low, but I think I did pretty good for the first mag through a new gun.

Tom tried his hand with the P2000

He was aiming for the head.

I didn't do nearly as good the second time around. I was aiming for the head. I forget what I was doing wrong in order to group down and to the left. I seemed to do that consistently at the range. The ones on the right shoulder were from Tom's neighbor, Albert.

The end result of 50 9mms out of the P2000

Next up was the Beretta 92fs in 9mm.

I wasn't too happy about that. still down to the left, but not as tight as before. Probably because the Beretta's grip was really big and not nearly as comfy as the P2000

Tom shooting the beretta

Tom was aiming for the head again. He didn't do so hot either.

Tom's neighbor, Albert shooting the beretta

Albert was aiming for the head too.

My second go at center mass with the beretta.

The end result of 50 rounds of 9mm through the beretta

We were all pretty upset about the Beretta, so we decided to end the trip with a big(ger) bang. I got us a Rock Island 1911 in .45 ACP. I was pretty happy with it. I've always liked the feel of 1911s. The last one I fired just sucked though. It was a nasty piece that threw brass into my face. Not so this time.

Not super good, but I got a group. It's a .45. a lot different than a 9mm.

Tom shooting the 1911

Tom was aiming for the head once again.

We had a target left over, so Tom and I collaborated in making use of it with the 1911. HEAD SHOT!

The trip to the indoor range was good. I paid an arm and a leg to rent guns and buy ammo plus range time for 3 guys, but it was worth it. I think I'm going to end up purchasing the compact just because I really enjoyed the P2000.

Yesterday, I went up to Burro Canyon with Greg and Jen to shoot with them and their Swiss shooting club. Last time I was there, I was trying to sight in the rear sight on my AR15. This time, we finally did it!

We set my AR15 up on the rest and I started putting rounds down range at that target set up at 50 yards.

I was having problems at first, as you can see since all of my shots hit above paper and before that totally above the target. My tool for adjusting the front sight which managed elevation didn't work last time, but I got it to work this time, so I was able to adjust till I started getting groups on paper. I was happy about that. Now it just comes down to more practice with the doggone thing.

Apparently Jen or someone got a hold of my camera while I was shooting off the rest and snapped some pics of me. They turned out pretty good.

My grouping after like 2 or 3 mags. I was shooting off the rest, standing up. I need practice, but at least I made it on paper. It's a start.

Greg was getting set up with his shooting jacket to start shooting at some targets down range with his vintage Swiss rifle. That thing kicked like a mule! My shoulder still hurts from putting a few rounds through it!

Greg after popping off a round.

Jen shot that big vintage rifle too. She says she just doesn't enjoy shooting a .22 any more since she started shooting it. That's pretty freaking awesome.

All in all it's been a pretty good and productive week. I've kind of figured out what I need to do. Time to get more practice in with my AR15 and do some breathing practice and dry firing at home. I also need to buy myself that handgun and practice the same thing with that too. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.