Monday, February 7, 2011

Root Beer Connoisseur pt. 2

So I destroyed that rootbeer sampler box over winter break. Here's a short blog post about the results.

From Best to Worst. In my humble opinion at least. Take note that this is no way a professional critique of each rootbeer. Just my personal thoughts. May be I'll go in depth some day.

1) Henry Weinhard's: Taste and commercial availability make it the best rootbeer I've tasted so far. Debate it if you wish, but I H-DUB will be my favorite until I find a rootbeer that can blow it out of the water.

2) IBC: Good taste and easily the most affordable. H-DUB just beats it with the taste. IBC is a very close second.

3) Sioux city: reminiscent of H-DUB. Just not quite there.

4) Bulldog: comparable to Sioux city

5) Americana: A few of these rootbeers tasted similar. 3,4,and 5 did, but I had to be real picky to differentiate.

6) Dad's: It's alright, but not my favorite.

7) Frostie: It was tolerable.

8) Teddy's: It was alright, but the servings are a little excessive. Could barely stand it.

9) Boylan's: It was kind of hard to get through. The servings are a little excessive too.

10) Rat Bastard: I thought it was way overrated. Barely any taste to be had. Just an excuse to curse.

11) Stewarts: I just thought it was kind of gross. Did not like it at all. I think I spent a good deal of time lamenting even tasting it.

12) Thomas Kemper's: No taste at all. They are going for some organic thing, but it just isn't good at all.

This isn't over though! there is more rootbeer to be had!