Monday, June 11, 2012

Nerd project: ODST Helmet Pt. 1

 After a bit of research, I finally figured out how I was going to go about making my Halo armor. I went about downloading the templates and the software (which was free) to view it with and got started. Basically, you print the whole thing out on card stock and then glue it together. It's like a puzzle, just 3D. (they have those, right?)  So it looks something like this when you get started.

 You print out the pages then you carefully cut them out with a hobby knife. It's easy to figure out, but it sure is time consuming. Good thing I started now because I don't think I could put together a suit for myself and my cousin in October.

After a few days of working on it for an hour or so during down time I'm about half way done. It's kind of floppy, but that's because it's only the front half. After This is done, I just coat it in fiber glass resin, add some bondo to the outside, sand, and paint. By the end of the summer I should have a helmet done. (hopefully)  Cheers.

By the way, I'm hating the new way blogger is making me post pictures. It's stupid. I think I might finally switch to Wordpress...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Foot Model

I woke up this morning without any sort of inkling about the awesome kind of thing that would happen to me today. I went about my usual routine and found myself checking my emails. Low and behold I found someone by the name of "Jack Dickson" responding to my "Back in Crutches" post on this blog. Needless to say I was a little curious. That post was pretty old. I didn't really expect what I found.

The guy meant well, I guess. He was sorry about me injuring my foot and all that. How sweet of him. But then he offered me a spectacular opportunity once my foot healed up. I'm always down for spectacular opportunities, and he said I should might as well thank him now, so I clicked his profile to see what he's about. Apparently I'm the perfect candidate for female foot modeling. Who knew? I'd only ever considered my figure to be border line girlish, but apparently I'm pretty enough to be a gal foot model.

What a delightful morning wake up call. Apparently Jack Bauer isn't indicator enough that it's a man writing this blog. I need to do some over the top manly stuff and stop acting like a bearded lady, I guess. Message received, Universe. I could use the cash though. I think I'm going to demand that female foot modeling position and tell them Dickson sent me. "He's a spam bot? Impossible. What kind of spam bot would have a name like Jack Dickson!?"