Monday, June 11, 2007


I've got a messed up nose and a cold but I won't let that damper my spirits! I just got some news from some of my favorite people in the world. You guessed it! Sanctus Real! Their fan letter has just filled me in on the status of their next album, which has got me quite pumped! " So far we've tracked about seven songs and we're still working on the rest. I think the mood of these songs are very lively and energetic. The best answer I've been able to give friends as to how it sounds is usually something like, "Hmm, I think it's the best of our last 3 records wrapped into one, but add some banjo and... well, I don't know but I think you'll like it!" " Banjo! I'm looking forward to it. Well Saturday I made a fool of myself many times at Mike and Danielle's wedding and reception. It was fun though. I'll make a fool of myself on the dance floor with good friends any day. Shiloh's party was cool too, even though I got owned at mario party by Kevin. I've got two exams, which is a downer. After that though is graduation and then I'm off to parts unknown. Good news is I'll have plenty of time to take my new desk for a test drive this summer! woohoo!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

oh man

oh man is right. Sanctus Real's new album is slated for around February 15th 2008. I'm psyched. Also, one of the bands I've been keeping an eye on called Wavorly has an album coming out june 12th and they just put out all the songs on their purevolume so that I'll be able to check them out better. You guys should do the same. I visited this art supply place in westminster that was freaking sweet. Just bought me a drafting desk, a lamp, and a tray so that I will officially have a place set aside for my arts purposes. I bought some pirate stuff there too. the rug was tiny, but I pulled the flag out and it's huge! You guys will be seeing me displaying my colors very soon. KAZAAAR!

Friday, June 1, 2007


I've just been really down lately. Let me be honest: I'm feeling neglected. I'm talking emotionally here people. You could say "But I invited you to such and such on such and such day." Ya, that's fine, I'm not talking about that. Get-togethers are just get-togethers. You see, I have this crazy idea that friendship is something beautiful and so much more then hanging out. I have this crazy Idea that friendship is sitting on the back wall kicking back a couple of rootbeers and talking about life. I have this crazy idea that friendship is so much more then parties and hang-outs and what not, but more of something personal. I've always thought it was going out of your way and giving someone that "how're you doing?" talk. I've always seen friendship as dynamic. It grows, it changes, that isn't too much of a leap is it? I guess you could say it fits right, well may be most of the time.

Growing and changing, that's what it's about. Dynamics of friendship. I haven't felt really dynamic myself, but it could be just me. I may need a refresher course in dynamics. A good part of my life has been spent hiding within myself. I had hidden my thoughts and problems from people for a long time. I guess blogger helps, but I'm not talking about blogger right now. I thought I had something good at one point. Fellowship, friendship, whatever it was. I admit, for the most part it has left me. I also have to admit that I am not comfortable with that. I've had the weird idea that I need people to lean on to get around. That I need other people who will be able to walk with me, maybe at least for a little while. A shoulder to cry on maybe. I just think people have taken friendship in the wrong direction, but who am I to say that? I feel like my acquaintances are many, but my friends are few. May be you guys could say other wise, but I hardly think some one who you chat with who couldn't care less about how you are doing would fall under the friendship category. But this is just me throwing myself some kind of pity party. Maybe I should have named this post "mindless ranting", because it seems like that's what I have been doing for the past hour.