Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potter party WARNING: may not make too much sense.

I had the privilege of attending the mad Potter party at Borders the other day. It was some great fun. The only time I have ever hung out with friends who were wearing costumes outside of halloween. Well the place was doggone packed when we got there. I practically had to carry a tank of air around with me. Kids in and out of costumes crowded the walk ways and seemed to cling to the stacks for their dear lives! Not being a Potter fan myself, I have to say it was a strange experience. Anyway, our group just stood around the whole time and watched Kevin and whoever else ventured to join in the festivities. It was pretty funny watching Kevin and Dan try the Snape debate or the costume contest but it's all good. I was there to support my buddies, which I am glad paid off. Kevin won the costume contest (surprise surprise) and was treated like a celebrity all night.

Kids and adults wanted their pictures taken with Kev, who they falsely named "cedric". The only paws I had about the whole thing was that it was in the Borders in pico. I have never bought anything from that darn store, but I'm glad that changed the other night. I picked out a sweet journal and was paying for it when the cashier spied my Italian world cup victory T shirt. It sparked a great conversation that I'm glad I didn't miss, even if I was keeping a little girl from paying for her stuff for a while. It was well worth it because Amy was able to spot me as she came in to the store so that I could show here where everybody else was.

It was good times indeed. Watching Kevin's face light up as he got to the register to pay for his book. At that same time I was talking to Jillian about yelling out random stuff like "Snape dies!". I didn't yell it, but I said it loud enough for two people in the stacks to turn and scrunch their faces at me. I tried to convince them that I was kidding, but I don't think they believed me. (If that does happen in the book then I guess I really spoiled it for them.) After that, we headed to pick up Dan and Sarah who had trudged all the way over to Walmart to get their hands on their own copies, which presented me with the opportunity for some drive-by curse casting. The kill count is Dan and Sarah so far, with a tortured leaf-blower guy on the side.
It was a ton of fun and I am glad I didn't miss it. The blog doesn't seem all too coherent, but I just wanted to get it done. Oh ya, CIY!!! more fun!

I know I have promised you guys about that Canada post. I'm sorry but the pictures are still not developed. The good news is though that it will be huge because I can put it together with the Big Bear trip! Sorry to keep you guys waiting longer.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blowing the dust off my blog with an update.

So I've been back from my fishing trip to Canada for like a week or two now. Some of you remember I was gone and greeted me accordingly, some of you didn't and called and texted my phone while I was gone, and some of you didn't care. In any case, I will be chronicling my whole trip for all of you. Right now I am waiting on getting some pictures developed from the disposable camera I took up with me on my hike to the other lake which I will be telling you about. I took my digital camera too but I don't want to post without those pictures. So just giving you guys the heads up that my blog is back up again and that there is my trip summary on the horizon.