Thursday, August 30, 2007

Greetings from England

No, I'm not in England, I just received a post card from our resident englishman Kevin aka Paddy (or milkinator, padfoot, milky,, email me, I'm desperate, and so on) Take a gander. He says; "this trip has been great fun so far, even if I have not met Emma Watson.....yet!" He also wants me to tell you all "Cheerio!" So I'll be passing some verbal cheerios out whenever I say you guys. As for when he's coming back, he didn't really say. Here's some humor straight from kevin. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's been awhile

It definitely has been awhile since I've worked on painting. Here's one I put on the back burner to do the Jack portrait. Here is basically just a days work.

This is the picture I am working off of. I am make the colors a little more dramatic but I haven't decided yet. It looks good enough just as it is. I've done a lot of work with that picture actually. I did a water color which didn't come out too good because It was my first time with water color. I did a tight and loose pen and ink version of it too. The tight version was displayed in the school hall for awhile before it was entered into a contest where it won a superior ribbon as well as a Ribbon for best in show in its category. Too tell you the truth I haven't seen that picture since it was entered into the contest. Last time I checked, it was hanging in the office of the school's superintendent. I don't think I'm going to get it back. Oh well, here's to starting another project. I hope it turns out well.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nameless pretty girls, terrible sun, and a jew named Kushner

That's my first week of College in a nutshell. It's been pretty good all in all. 2 classes on monday and wednesday, 3 tuesday and thursday, and 1 on friday. easy classes, not a bad schedule, The sun is big pain though. It's so doggone hot! Monday went off without a hitch. I get to my first class (religion and the quest for meaning) a little early so I do some reading. The teacher seems like a flake but he's pretty cool and he definitely knows his stuff. Human communications turned out to be a class I decided I wasn't going to dread because the teacher seems laid back and she doesn't hand out a big work load. (at least not yet.)
Tuesdays and Thursdays seem slightly more difficult, but then again they aren't. All though they are the longer days, I think they will be easier. I started tuesday off with some remedial math course I had to take because I was 4 points shy on the stupid test. (ugh) Now This teacher is a total flake. We ended up correcting her a number of times on the first day! Not a good sign. Well it is going to be one of those classes I shouldn't be in. I ended up saying that out loud in class and received a couple of amens. Pretty odd too because they came from some gangstas sitting up front. Stereotypes aside, these guys knew their stuff as much as I did, so it felt good to have others in the same boat.
Here's the highlight of the class, nameless pretty girl. So, I was sitting next to her in my dumb math class, I made a couple sly comments and hey, it was conversations from there. I left the class after her and tried to figure out if the stairs off to my left led out of the building. She was up ahead of me but took time out of her schedule to turn around and lead me out of the building. Good sign I think. She got my name at last and we talked as we left. So we were chit-chatting about the world civ. class as we got to the campus. We stopped and chatted some more before she said she was going to get something to eat. Now it wasn't like this: "I'm gonna go grab some munchies, catch ya later." It was like this: "Well, I'm going to get lunch myself..." (you've got to catch the hint their.) I knew I had another class to go to so we exchanged goodbyes and headed off in our own directions.

Now this is when I figured out why I am in remedial math. First off, I decided to check my schedule and found out that I had an hour and change for lunch! What a retard! Second, I forgot to get her name! Insert a couple of head slaps and the repeating of the phrase "You freaking idiot!" and you basically have my lunch time on tuesday. Probably the stupidest thing that I have ever done in my life. I mentally beat myself up through my next classes: World civ. up to the 16th century and Intro to Archaeology. Those classes were enjoyable.
Actual teaching began on Wednesday. My Monday,Wednesday, Friday classes are going to be fun. Thursday was the day for me to redeem myself. Math class again! Well believe me, I did. I got her name, which was Stephanie, So I felt a little less stupid. We chatted about how dumb I was until we hit the Student Union, where I found out Thursday was a weird day for her. No lunch. Oh well, I got the name. She is no longer nameless girl, as my friend Beth called her. (eat that Beth!) The rest of the day just reinforced my theory. World civ is shaping up to be awesome! Intro to Archaeology is not that bad either. (The Teacher is an actual archaeologist who has two sites and is funded by national geographic so that is a plus)
Friday is my comparative religion class which was quite funny because we got to make fun of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and so forth. ton of fun. Well that was my week. Oh, and the Jew is the author of the book I need to read for my religion class.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


My blog is going through some maintenance right now so please excuse the dust. I'm waiting till kevin gets back from his trip so I can remind him of his promise to help me make a custom banner.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Well guys, your time to arm yourself is coming to a close very soon. The game is starting when we get Shiloh filled in. You've got until then. In other news, My hero, Mr. better-then-Bear Grylls, the one and only Les Stroud has the new season of his show Survivorman starting this Friday! Hooray for an actual survivalist. No camera crews following him around in the wilderness folks. Any who, life's been good. School is starting August 20. I'm not sweating it. My classes seem chill. (intro to Archaeology FTW!)

Nothing new to report besides the Canada/Big bear post that has been slowly creeping into view on the horizon. Doggone. Well, to those of you who are reading this who are interested in, or are listed to be included in the assassin game, check out the assassin blog to sign up or confirm that you will be able to play because a good number of you are pending. Get to it and get to it fast folks. We will show no mercy!