Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nerd Project: DMR Pt. 1

After the success of my last elaborate Halloween costume, I thought I would go all-out even further. That means starting months in advance. After much discussion with my little cousin, we finally decided that it would be really sweet to tag team a Halo themed car for the Mega Blast. I always wanted to create a Halo suit and my cousin wanted his own as well. So of course I'd have to start early for a project this elaborate. I haven't made any armor yet, but I have been thinking about it, and the rest of the kit that we'll be toting around Halloween night... One of my favorite weapons in all the Halo games happens to be the DMR. If you're not hip on gun/military stuff, that stands for designated marksman('s) rifle.
With that in mind, I surveyed all of the stuff I had kicking around and decided I might get a start on it. I started with a stock looking Nerf Stampede and made a few shell modifications.
The one on the top is my cousin's and the one on the bottom is the one I cut into. After that, I started scrounging through my miscellaneous parts bin to find some things to add to the look. Cut them and the shell accordingly and this is what I came up with:
Haven't glued anything down yet, but that's a start. I don't plan to get it all right. I just want it to look similar. I care more about adding my own personal flair any way. And so it begins.


Padfoot240 said...

Spartan or ODST?

Cory said...

My cousin is going to be a spartan. I think I'd rather be an ODST. We'll see. May be I'll cave and make myself some Mjolnir.