Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship with book stores. On the one hand, I love reading. Reading is just awesome, and there is no better place to find books then at the bookstore. On the other hand, I always end up spending a ton of money so there's the hate part. So I was perusing the Christian non-fiction book section when a particular book caught my eye. A book that had a title that sounded particularly ridiculous to me. "Understand the bible in 24 hours it read". A couple of things immediately popped into my mind. Firstly, no one can hope to understand the bible in it's entirety in 24 hours. That is a feat Jack Bauer can't even accomplish. (Sorry Jack, you can do amazing things, but that would be a miracle) The Bible is an amazing book in that you cannot and will not pick up every little meaning and idea and such and such the first time you read through it. That goes to show for every single verse and chapter in the whole book. (In my humble opinion) There are so many little subtleties that it very well may take a life time or more to find and understand them all. The bible provides you with something new and beautiful and different every time you read through it. I dare say the bible will never completely be understood by any mere individual ever!
Secondly, I just wondered why would some one go out of there way to publish something like that? Why would someone bother to buy that even!? Well, considering the way people go about their lives today, it's not really a surprise. Today, everything is geared around getting things done and getting them done fast. We need to keep moving 'cause we are always in a hurry. We need things to help us get stuff done faster and to make it much easier on those of us who live in the fast lane. That is ridiculous in itself. You miss out on so much of life by speeding past it all. It's very much like speeding down a beautiful scenic road. There is so much beautiful scenery, but it's all a blur because you're moving way to fast. How much of the bible are you going to miss out on if you try to understand it all in a day? Part of reading the bible is quieting yourself, slowing down, and letting God whisper to you his greatness. How do you expect to do that with a roaring engine and the wind whipping past you?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

An inconvenient truth

My physical geology class has to be the most boring class I have ever attended. That's an inconvenient truth. In any case, the teacher made us watch that movie today. Lord have mercy. I don't care if all those glaciers melt. I want to roam the seas in a trimaran like kevin costner. I want Water World so shut up Al Gore and go make a boat and grow some gills. I think I may go and clear the 99 cents store of it's cans of aerosol and just extinguish them all in front of his house. Take that Al Gore and global warming! She turned the lights off too, but I was able to do some creative writing on a story idea I had floating around in my head. I think I have like 10 some odd pages now.

In any case, I'm still alive and kicking. I was walking my puppy today and he scared off a dog that surprised us that was twice his size. What a good dog. That's all I have to report right now I guess. I hope everyone had a good v-day. And if you didn't have a valentine then be reverent for those who lost their life this very day getting in Al Capone's way. I appreciate the holiday a lot more for the massacre than the card and candy bit anyway =P